Stone wood-fired oven


The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio tunnel oven line is also available in the wood-fired version as well as the classic gas version. To unite the requirements of industrial quantity production with the rediscovery of traditional Italian flavours, CLM Bakery System has created the biggest wood-fired oven in the world, 75 m2.

By baking with wood, your pizzas will have all the advantages of traditional baking.

Back to tradition. Nowadays we are used to seeing pizza baked in electric or gas ovens, but we shouldn’t forget that real Italian pizza was born in 1889 in Naples with the characteristic of being baked in wood-fired ovens!

The modern technology of CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio now offers all the advantages of traditional wood baking with a direct flame, allowing the best handmade quality to be achieved in industrial pizza production.

An extra edge for your marketing. The rediscovery of the ancient flavours of Italian food tradition has been one of the most effective marketing tools of recent years in the food industry. Through wood-fired baking and the patented embracing heat system of the CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio ovens, the smokes embrace the products so that they take on the fragrance and aroma that can be found in handmade products.

An eco- friendly product. Wood is one of the most ecological fuels as it has a closed life cycle and every part of it is reintegrated in the environment. Therefore wood-fired tunnel ovens are eco-friendly, as they can combine industrial production with sustainable development and a “greener” image.

Automated baking process. The design of CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio tunnel ovens has taken into account the need to reduce production costs, for this reason the management of the baking process is completely automatic. The operator only needs to think about loading the wood store a few times a day and removing the ashes quickly and easily.

Wood baking with all the advantages of our gas ovens:

  • Embracing heat, the innovative and patented double smoke circulation system allows optimal heat diffusion inside the baking chamber without needing forced turbulence to rebalance the heat in the various zones;
  • Construction in natural stone and refractory materials;
  • Construction in independent modules;
  • High energy efficiency thanks to excellent insulation.

For more detail on these aspects, please see the page on industrial gas bread ovens.

CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio: Artisan tradition, industrial efficiency and the quality of CLM BAKERY SYSTEM products are perfectly combined inside an oven with a customised design to meet your needs. Contact us now for more information.


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