It has always been CLM Bakery System’s aim to find a meeting point between the quality of Italian food production and modern industrial technology.

By constantly focusing on this aim, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM can offer modern, innovative solutions able to combine efficient cost and process management with the quality of tradition.

Pizza is imitated all over the world, but really traditional pizza is only Italian! CLM BAKERY SYSTEM will enable you to produce industrial quantities of pizza with a handmade flavour, with a complete line of equipment to cover all the processing stages.

From the proofers using dough balls to the crossing lamination, and from the hot pressing system to the tomato sauce dispenser, the pizza starts to take shape in a procedure that has been designed down to the tiniest detail.

The baking is then carried out using the innovative CLM BAKERY SYSTEM stone ovens, fired by gas or wood, for an unbeatable final result, thanks to the innovative patented embracing heat system.

In this section of the website you can find a description of all this equipment; do not hesitate to contact us to ask for more details about it.

Pizza production line

  • CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera proofers. Quick and easy to clean: The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera proofers can be fully emptied of the trays and then cleaned very easily. This also applies to the actual trays which, being totally independent from the structure of the cell, are easier to clean.
  • Crossing lamination;
  • Hot pressing system starting from dough balls. This is innovative technology made up of different components: a mechanical hand for picking up the dough balls, a pressing machine and a pick and place for unloading the base. The pizza produced using the hot pressing system stands out from others since its central part is thin and crispy with a thick, soft crust. The hot pressing of the dough ball allows a superficial hardening of the dough, which makes the base crispy and prevents the wetness of the topping making it soft;
  • Volumetric dosing systems. In the quest for top quality pizza, the tomato sauce is distributed onto the pizza like rain and not applied with a brush. By using this method, there are no marks on the pizza and the tomato is distributed uniformly, hence achieving the best aesthetic result;
  • CLM Vesuvio gas tunnel oven. Made of natural, resistant, high quality materials, CLM Vesuvio allows uniform baking of the product at a constant temperature, thanks to the innovative patented embracing heat system;
  • CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio wood-fired tunnel oven. In its wood-fired version, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio has been designed to industrially produce the quality of a finished product that can be compared to that of artisan wood fired pizzeria. The flavour of tradition can now also be found in industrial production, with a special focus on environmental sustainability;
  • Cooling spirals.

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