About us


With the asset of very experienced staff in the food industry, CLM Bakery System can now offer a wide range of equipment that combine cutting edge technologies with constant research into the flavours of the artisan tradition of times gone by.

The tunnel ovens marketed under the CLM Vesuvio brand, powered by gas or wood, are equipped with the innovative patented embracing heat baking system and are accompanied by complementary equipment for bread making, such as the proofer Libera, which stands out due to its extreme flexibility in the choice of proofing times regardless of the baking time, as well as complete industrial lines for producing bread and pizza.

The quality of tradition in industrial quantities. The experience, technology and professionalism that have always accompanied CLM BAKERY SYSTEM’s development make the company a trusted industrial partner for everything to do with the world of bakery.

CLM Bakery System has always worked to satisfy the specific requirements of every customer. Bakery System means guaranteed results!


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