CLM Bakery System has always been committed to the ideal combination of modern industrial technology and the high quality of traditional food production.

CLM Bakery System can now offer you the best results of this commitment, with modern, highly automated solutions, marked by efficient management and high quality.

If you also think that the flavour of handmade bread is a factor that gives products superior quality, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM has the answers for you!

We start from the dough mixers and the forming lines, moving onto the proofer, and then to the gas or wood-fired tunnel ovens, or to static wood-fired ovens, obtaining the bread that will make you stand out from the competition.

In this section of the website, you can find a description of all the equipment that will enable you to achieve this result. Do not hesitate to contact us for all the information about this.

Bread production line

  • Baguette and ciabatta forming lines;
  • CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera proofer. At one time, bread was prooved on wood boards wicker baskets, linen pockets or other natural materials. Nowadays, you can choose the ideal surface for exalting the flavour of your products;
  • CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio gas tunnel oven. Made of natural, resistant and quality materials, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio allows uniform baking of the product at a constant temperature, thanks to the innovative and patented embracing heat system;
  • CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio wood-fired tunnel oven. In its wood-fired version, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio has been designed to industrially produce the quality of a finished product that can be compared to that of artisan wood fired bakeries. The flavour of tradition can now also be found in industrial production, with a special focus on environmental sustainability;
  • Cooling spirals.

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