Stone gas oven


Vesuvio is the industrial pizza oven that has revolutionised the baking process for traditional quality products in industrial quantity.The oven Vesuvio was created based on CLM Bakery system’ staff experience about product quality and was designed to meet the requirements of more modern and efficient production, therefore, Vesuvio offers many more advantages than other types of ovens.

Uniform heat distribution. The secret of CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio ovens is the innovative patented double fume circulation system; this all-round heat system enables optimal heat distribution inside the baking chamber, without needing forced turbulence to uniform the temperature in the various areas of the chamber itself.

Natural materials that make a difference. The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio line tunnel ovens are made of stone and refractory materials like the traditional ovens of time gone by, with a natural stone shelf. This is the secret behind the oven’s ability to emit heat uniformly, guaranteeing the best baking stability for any type of product.

Modularity. When designing the oven, care must be taken to ensure that an optimal baking curve is created. This is the only way to ensure that the result is a pizza that cannot be outdone by the handmade ones in pizza restaurants. Therefore, CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio is made up of independent modules, both for the heat source and fume circulation.

Optimisation of energy efficiency. Another advantage of Vesuvio ovens is the perfect heat insulation and low fume outlet temperatures. These properties give the CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio oven higher energy efficiency than other industrial ovens, guaranteeing better quality and savings.

The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Vesuvio industrial tunnel oven has changed the way that baking pizza is conceived. Contact us now to update your production with higher quality and more efficient resource management!


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