In the world of bakery, proving has always implied problems in terms of coordination between the proofer and the oven. The CLM Bakery System staff has now devised a solution to this by designing and constructing the proofer Libera, which changes the approach to proving both in terms of the management of the proofer itself and improved quality of the final product.

Simple operation, superior quality. The dough balls are placed onto trays, plates or pockets of various shapes, which are then inserted into the Libera automatic proofer in turn. Inside, they are kept in perfectly controlled heat/humidity conditions for the required amount of time for the proving process.

The trays are inserted into the proofer in automatic mode by an entry elevator which transports them to the right floor.

The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera automatic proofer is completed by special motorised roller conveyors and with a discharge elevator for the proved product.

CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera, the proofer is now a competitive advantage. CLM Bakery System designed and created the proofer Libera to update this production process by offering many advantages, which are all being patented internationally:

  • Independence from the oven: The baking process is separate from the proving process , allowing the suitable proofing time to be chosen regardless of the baking time needed for the product;
  • Flexibility in the choice of proofing times: Thanks to the rational management of the proofer floors, variable proofing time can be set at multiple intervals of a few minutes;
  • Specific trays for each product: At one time, bread was proved on wood boards, wicker baskets, linen pockets or other natural materials. Nowadays, you can choose the ideal surface for exalting the flavour of your products; this customisation provides for specific stores for each type of tray, with automatic in-line changing of the actual trays;
  • Quick and easy cleaning: The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera proofer can be fully emptied of the trays and then cleaned very easily. This also applies to the actual trays which, being totally independent from the structure of the cell, are easier to clean.

The automatic CLM BAKERY SYSTEM Libera proofer cell renews tradition and improves the result. Why wait? Contact us now for more information!


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