Complete lines for bread and pizza baking

Clm produces complete lines for bread and pizza baking, from the mixers to the ovens. We are even specialized in cooling spirals and special edition lines produced especially for customers needs. Among Clm’s equipment for bread and pizza:

  • Special system for a long resting of the dough;
  • “Libera” automatic proofers;
  • Baguette and ciabatta baking lines;
  • Pizza dough ball lamination systems;
  • Dough balls hot pressing system for pizzas: : an innovative technology featuring a manipulator, which collects dough balls, a pressing machine and a discharging pick and place. The pizza produced with this hot pressing system will have a fine and crispy central part and a high and soft border. During this process, a superficial gelation of the pasta occurs, which makes the base crispy and prevents the humidity of the topping to soften the pasta;
  • Wood fired “Clm Vesuvio” Tunnel ovens;
  • Gas fired “Clm Vesuvio” Tunnel ovens;
  • Cooling spirals.


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