Hot pressing


CLM Bakery System works to bring the quality and taste of world-famous Italian pizza to industrial production, paying attention to the tiniest details in the production process.

Between the proving process and the baking process, there are various processes involved in preparing the pizza, which must be carried out using high quality equipment so as to ensure a finished product which complies with the reputation that Italian pizza has built up all over the world.

The hot pressing system carried out by CLM Bakery System is the right choice for a high level finished product.

Complete automation for an excellent result. In the CLM Bakery System hot pressing system, the dough balls are picked up by mechanical hands, which is managed by brushless motors. Special pick up hands transfer the balls onto the plates of the chain conveyor with precision.

Both the plates of the chain conveyor and the pressing plates are heated using a controlled electrical resistance system, which always keeps them at the ideal operating temperature.

The pressing plates are also shaped in such a way as to obtain the preferred pizza shape. By changing the shape, it is easy to move from a flat pizza to a thick crust or rimmed one, according to the production requirements.

Once they have been pressed, the bases are picked up off the plates chain conveyor by a second manipulator, with vacuum-operated pick-up heads, and then dropped onto the conveyor belt of the topping line

Advantages of the CLM BAKERY SYSTEM pressing system. The hot pressing carried out by the CLM Bakery System procedure allows an even crispier pizza base to be obtained. Also, during this process, a superficial hardening process takes place, so that the base absorbs the wetness of the tomato to a lesser extent, hence consistently improving the finished product.

Do not neglect detail and don’t settle for a low quality product. Contact us for all the information on CLM BAKERY SYSTEM production systems.


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