Tomato sauce dispenser


The normal brush method does not allow uniform distribution of tomato on the pizza and leaves marks on the finished product. CLM Bakery System’s experience and constant focus on detail has led to the creation of a tomato dispenser that allows this criticality to be resolved, so as to obtain a superior quality finished product.

Experience improves tradition. The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM tomato dispenser comprises different independent heads that dose the tomato with a shower distribution. Each of these heads is connected to a volumetric dosing unit which allows the exact volume of tomato to be set for each pizza.

Due to the independent dosing, the system does not distribute tomato if there is no product on the line, hence allowing waste reduction.

Optimal management of the dosing line. CLM BAKERY SYSTEM does not only think about the finished product, but also about creating equipment to allow simple and efficient management. Each head on the dosing system is in fact equipped with a self-cleaning unit, which guarantees tomato dosing with pieces up to 2 mm..

The volumetric dosing units also have a CIP system, which enables automatic cleaning without any major disassembly and reassembly operations being needed.

A production line that has been designed rationally and with attention to detail means optimising the management costs so as to obtain a better product, and CLM BAKERY SYSTEM knows it. Contact us for more information.

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