Tunnel ovens


The CLM Vesuvio tunnel ovens for pizza and bread baking are better than other ovens for several reasons:

  • EMBRACING HEAT: An innovative, patent pending, system with double circulation of fumes. This allows a perfect propagation of the heat inside the baking chamber, without forced turbulences in order to balance the heat in the different areas.
  • REFRACTORY MATERIAL FOR A SLOW RELEASING HEAT: Built in stone and refractory materials, just like traditional wood fired ovens, this oven allows an evenly-distributed accumulation of heat, granting baking stability for all kinds of products. The ovens bedplate is built in natural stone.
  • EVEN BAKING ON THE WHOLE SURFACE OF THE OVEN: The heat wraps the products with an exceptional force , allowing an unequalled development of the product.
  • MODULARITY: Completely built in independent units, both for the heat source and the circulation of fumes. This oven allows the creation of a perfect baking curve for each product.
  • POWER PERFORMANCE: the Power performance is extremely efficient, thanks to great insulation and the low temperatures of outgoing smokes.

The basic CLM VESUVIO uses only natural gas. It is also available in the wood fired version, a revolutionary feature in the field of industrial ovens for bread and pizza.


The CLM VESUVIO industrial oven in the wood fired version (we built a 75-square-metre wood fired oven, the biggest in the world) offers the following advantages:

  • RESPECT FOR TRADITION: Born in Naples in 1889, pizza has always been baked in wood fired ovens. After industrial development natural gas and electric ovens were used too. Nowadays, CLM VESUVIO technology is able to offer the value of traditional baking in a wood fired oven with direct flame, obtaining great quality in industrial production. The CLM VESUVIO aims to focus the costumer’s attention on the fragrances and tastes of traditional bread, baked in a wood fired oven. This enhances the quality, taste, fragrance and genuineness of the new product with an old-fashioned flavor.
  • MARKETING: Considering the increasing demand of traditional and handmade products by consumers, thanks to the wood baking and the smoke which embrace the product, it is possible to re-discover tastes and fragrances which can be found only in few traditional pizzerias or bakery stores.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY – FRIENDLY: Wood is a renewable resource and a green combustible, which make this kind of tunnel oven eco-friendly, allowing a sustainable growth.
  • AUTOMATIC LOADING: The ovens are completely automatic. The operators only task is to load the wood stocks when they are empty and the quick and easy cleaning of the ashes after the baking.


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