Crossing lamination


The production of pizza on an industrial scale must focus on quality at every stage of the process, but also implies working with great precision so as to optimise the production process and reduce waste. CLM BAKERY SYSTEM offers its experience in the industry, always producing equipment with optimal management and operation. The CLM Bakery System crossing lamination is a perfect example of this.

Precise shapes. The CLM BAKERY SYSTEM crossing lamination is made up of followings: first of all two laminators receive the proved dough balls and make them into oval shapes, which are lined up and handled by a dedicated phasing system. A retractable conveyor then gently transfers the ovals, creating a direction change and synchronising the conveyor below. The ovals, move through the third and fourth laminator, which creates the typical round shape.

Finally, an automatic gauging system perfects the roundness of each individual disc, allowing a tolerance of up to +/-5 mm in the diameter.

Precision is an important factor in the food industry both for production and for social responsibility connected with the management of raw materials. CLM BAKERY SYSTEM also fulfils these requirements. Contact us for more information.


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